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Slouching Stars Returns as a Brand New Band!
The band that has for the past decade percolated through the San Francisco Noise Pop scene returns metastasized, polymorphed, a newly refined hybrid power pop supergroup. Originally called CARLOS, the band has risen like a zombie flower from the muddy swamps of rock and roll, and offers up its fruit in a gooey, sticky, crunchy, delicious cluster: 11 new songs and a new name - SLOUCHING STARS.

Baby Bombardier is a brimming bucket of brand new heart-pounding guitar pop songs, lovingly flavored for all to savor. Recorded at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco by Ian Pellicci (Deerhoof, John Vanderslice), and mixed by the legendary Paul Kolderie (Pixies, Dinosaur Jr, Buffalo Tom, Hole, Lemonheads) at Camp Street in Boston, this is the band's strongest effort yet. It is a genre-defying, spasm-inducing black diamond of a rock’n’roll gem, soon to be cutting through the plexi-glass of modern radio playlists like a hot knife through gangrene. It is not to be ignored.

SLOUCHING STARS formed as CARLOS in 1991 in the town of Millbrae, CA, suburban home of the San Francisco International Airport, by three high school chums; Richard Scramaglia on vocals and guitars, Allan Moon on bass and Doug Lippi on drums. In 1994 CARLOS released a compilation of some of their recordings as a CD entitled Coriander Salamander (Switchtrack Records). CMJ (College Music Journal) described the CD as ‘an intricate and impressive story of one band's development and dedication.’

In 1995, stuffed full of melodies and fuzz, CARLOS signed with the Cargo / Headhunter label and recorded Amy Armageddon in NYC. Shimmy Disc kingpin Kramer sat in the producer's chair and Drive Like Jehu's Mark Trombino mixed. In 1996, CARLOS hit the road in their big black van and gave the country an earful.

In 1997, Broken Rekids released the 7” single of Jan Michael Vincent and CARLOS started recording their second CD for Cargo / Headhunter.

Released in 1998, Bigger Teeth was praised by CMJ, who noted CARLOS' history and continuing development: ‘The focus here is on melody, with production that emphasizes the songs' strong hooks.’ CARLOS filled Bay Area clubs, were featured on the cover of the Noise Pop Festival program, and received the SF Bay Guardian Goldie Award for Outstanding Local Talent in the Performing Arts.

Soon CARLOS recorded the single Heavy Metal Monday for Amazing Grease Records, a label started by Scott Kannberg of Pavement. CARLOS supported Pavement on some of their 1999 tour dates.

In 2000 Rich met his neighbor, ex- Alice Donut guitarist, Richard Mather Marshall (honest) and found the fourth member of CARLOS he always knew was missing. The new line up soon gelled like napalm and the band began recording Devil’s Slide in late summer.

Devil’s Slide was a collection of twelve songs and thousands of feelings, reactions and conclusions surrounding love, loss, lust, good times and bad. Cohesive and thematic, this album has layers for its listeners to peel back. From the G-E-D realizations of Heavy Metal Monday to the go-nowhere garage-band heroics of Papa Star, Devil’s Slide reflects and projects the light of rock's true believers. Produced by CARLOS, recorded and mixed by John Croslin (GBV, Spoon, Pavement) at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco and mastered by John Golden, Devil’s Slide is as sonically rich and intricate as its meanings and music.

But that is in the past, and today stands before you smiling bright as summer.

Dig the SLOUCHING STARS new shimmer and fresh sound.